Oops… here is that section “About us”.


We don’t really like to talk about us. We prefer to show you what we can do, what we did and what are we doing every day.
We could start with something we are proud of.
Recently, the great Apple company has appreciated one of our films made for one of their suppliers and our client, a brand overseas working in the online security sector.
Also, two of our commercials that we invested passion and energy (Shan’shi and Siviero Maria) run a national campaign.

(Shan’shi and Siviero Maria)

run a national campaign.

And we plan an artistic feature-length film, our own production, we are at the stage of scenario.

But who are we?

We are nine people. For now.

Together we gather over 150 years of experience in areas such as video, film, production, cinematography, screenplay, direction, communication, marketing, strategy and design. We have worked for one of the most well-known local, regional, national, continental and even global brands.
Some of us are pioneers and promoters in the local market of innovative and new strategies and techniques in video or marketing, having a relevant know-how in this industry. Others are younger, ambitious and eager to embrace the future, even faster than the pace of change in the industry. But together we are the video and film production company Handsome Wolf. And we can do more. For you.
One more thing.
There is a saying that wolves are loyal animals. So we want to be.
We believe in loyalty and we believe that a client’s confidence is the most valuable resource we have. The most valuable.
Therefore, we value this resource trying to bring it up with every new project we have.
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