It is difficult to estimate the costs of a film without having the idea of the film we turn into screenplay and afterwards into directing clippings.

But, we can say that the quality / price ratio is probably the best in Romania. In contrast with the foreign ratios the size of budgets is inimitable.


For an accurate estimate, please send us a message.

How does it work?


1.If you are an end client,

you can give us the idea or the objective pursued by the future film and we can create for you the idea and the screenplay. Our team is specialized in idea / concept, creative / screenplay. Thus, we can develop a film based on an original and creative idea to generate attention and results. Usually, the clients tell us only their objectives. Then, we develop the strategy, the idea and the concept, followed by the production of the film.


2.If you are an advertising company,

you can give us the idea and the screenplay. In the case of agencies, we will not make any offer and we will not work with the end clients of the agency (neither currently, nor in the future or in the case we interrupt the collaboration with the agency). We respect stringently the confidentiality and relationships with the agencies and we assume loans on behalf of client agency.

Our advertising client agency is a special client that we respect. Because a relationship with an advertising agency means a long-term collaboration.