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Siviero Maria – gelato has the same taste in winter too

31 January 2017

Winter is the time when Santa Claus has a lot of work, the time when he has to think about all the people around the world and prepare gifts for everyone. But who thinks about him?

We found someone. A girl who knows exactly what Santa Claus wants. A sweet and tasty gift. An authentic Italian gelato, Siviero Maria.

Being a “warmer” ice-cream, gelato dessert is perfect for any season. Even in winter. So, we captured a scene where Santa Claus had been expected and spoiled with a good and creamy gelato, made from milk, just as we believe he likes. And guess what? He liked it.

He lingered in the girl’s house for tens of minutes, enjoying Siviero Maria gelato.

Media entries

The film received 8000 views. It was broadcast on the client’s website, on social media networks, and on YouTube.

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