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Siviero Maria – Il nostro gelato italiano

11 January 2017

A film that turned the dangerous and mysterious world of mafia to a sweet and creamy world, known as Siviero Maria, a brand that is part of the Italian G7 Group, producer of gelato.

On a summer evening, at a street corner, a mystery story is written, an authentic Italian story, which should be seen and not told.

The shootings were carried out in Arad. One of the challenges was to rid streets of contemporary cars parked along the street. Thus, the shootings began 12 hours before the actual filming.

We used a Mercedes car, the favorite brand of the real protagonists of that time. For authentic and specific enviroment, the movie was made in black and white.

La Famiglia Siviero Maria. Because there are many gelato lovers. A real family.

Media entries:
After a spectacular launch at an event in Brasov (Social Media Camp), where we staged a “break” that culminated in offering gelato directly by “mobsters”, the film was broadcast online.

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