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TSG euroShell clients’ forest

31 January 2017

We created a story. A story of the end of 2016, which means a new beginning.

A story that shows we can do something for nature that does so much for us. A story wherewith TSG euroShell chose to offer each client a living gift, a gift that will live for many years from this time forth. A forest that was forgotten and disappeared a long time ago, became now TGS euroShell clients’ forest, each tree having the customer’s name and a GPS position.

The protagonists of the film were 50 people, the entire TSG euroShell team that gave birth to a forest in just a few days. The effort was worth it each day, the result being a few hectares of forest in Vlasiei Woods.

Media entries:

The film recorded 45,000 views, enjoying a great success. It was broadcast both on the client’s website, and on online social networks.

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